Who are we?

Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (formerly Han Xuedong web design studio), was founded in 2008, is composed of a group of research and development spirit and innovative spirit of the team.

Over the years, we have been focused on the integration of the Internet marketing communications services, as we have been serving over 300 large customers. Whether it is the brand's official website, the official website of the enterprise, or information application platform, we can provide accurate planning and visual design program. Whether it is a creative strategy or visual implementation, we are more than the traditional Internet Co has a higher attainments. We have international awareness and proactive thinking; we have strategic creative and exquisite vision; we can take the initiative to tap the advantages of customers and to organize, packaging and effective communication. We are chasing the Internet at the forefront; we can gain insight into the development of the Internet and aesthetic trends.

Enhance customer brand image, to achieve the business objectives of the customer is excellent eternal pursuit!